Ironhand is out

Quick post to let you all know that Ironhand is out at the usual places:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords

As my husband pointed out yesterday, I’ve finally written and published a sequel! It’s a weird quirk for a fantasy writer to have, but barring a few shorts featuring one character, all the rest of my stories have stubbornly stood alone. I had not intended to write a sequel to Mourning Cloakbut Kato and Flutter insisted that their story was not yet done.

If you haven’t read Mourning Cloak yet, and want to, here’s a 50%-off coupon code to use at SmashwordsMM83Z (expires May 13th)

Check out an excerpt from Ironhand below the cut:

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Ironhand: Cover & Blurb

Ironhand is coming soon! (I have the ebook files all ready to upload, something I will do this weekend.) In the meantime, I’m thrilled to share the awesome cover Ravven did (isn’t it gorgeous?):


It’s not over yet.

Kato Vorsok closed the Gates and sealed in the enemies of all mankind. Now he’s stranded in the desert with a ragtag army of supernatural creatures far from home. Keeping order and finding provisions are the extent of his problems.

Or so he thinks.

Because something got out.

Deep in the salt, an ancient demon from a mythic past stirs. Once, angels walked the world and battled such monsters, but they’ve been gone a long time.

Now there’s only Kato, a reluctant hero with no illusions about himself, and Flutter, a woman-turned-demon who’s falling apart.

They won the battle, but will they lose the war—and the whole world with it?

Ironhand is a fantasy novella.

The Adventure of Creation: out now!

The Adventure of Creation anthology is now out!

The Adventure of Creation cover

Get it now at Amazon (in either print or e-book versions)

(I’ll update this page as it goes live in other stores)


Also, you can now get print copies of both Rainbird and Mourning Cloak via Createspace (or from Amazon itself). They’ve been available for a while, but–ahem–I haven’t been too good about mentioning that.

And for the record? They both look AWESOME in real life.

proofs! and a release!

My proofs for Rainbird and Mourning Cloak arrived earlier this week.

Aren’t they pretty?


They look EVEN BETTER in real life.

There really is nothing like seeing your name on the cover of a physical book. I had an ear-to-ear grin on my face for about an hour after they came.

Right now, David’s checking them for errors (I know, I know, I’m spoiled). They should be ready to go in a week or so. Keep an eye on this space!


One Small Step

One Small Step: an anthology of discoveries launched last weekend at Conflux. Jo Anderton and I have a story in there. “Sand and Seawater” has already gotten some nice shout-outs on Goodreads, and the anthology as a whole has been favorably reviewed in places like Publisher’s Weekly.

Next week, I’ll post about our experience collaborating on this story.


I’ve been busily working away on some short stories for the past couple of weeks, including some broken fairy tales for a follow-up to Shattered. I’m hoping to get that out in June and then buckle down to Ironhand and release that a couple months later.

What are your writing plans? Do you have any new or upcoming releases? Let us know in the comments!