Onsite Fiction

These are short stories I’ve shared with my blog readers in the past:

Exposure: A young mother, a winter offering. A tale of sacrifice and loss.

Senses Box: What does a magic school hazing ritual look like?

Once Upon a Time: Cinderella’s daughter tells all about her con-artist mother. A lighthearted read.

Quartz: a serialized science fantasy novel set in a sunless world

Planets Project:

The Village of No Women

Published in Phantazein (2014).

Trading Gifts

Published in Sword & Sorceress 28 (2013).


In a world where art and magic are one, an outcast in a decaying city finds inspiration in the works of a long-dead artist for her only act of magic. First place winner of the How to Think Sideways Anthology contest, judged by author Holly Lisle. Published in The Adventure of Creation (2013).

Sand and Seawater

Co-written with Jo Anderton. Published in the anthology One Small Step (2013).

Dark Daughter

Published in Flash Me Magazine (2010).

A Plague of Chicken

The newly promoted Magician Mandaleb is called to the farthest reaches of the empire to put an end to a plague of… chicken. Published in Mindflights (2009).


The war bard Elinor (first introduced in Singing for the Enemy) gets more than she bargained for when she has to sing for her supper. Published in Mindflights (2009).

Second Sight

Published in Neverlands and Otherwheres, a print anthology by Susurrus Press, in 2009.

Out of Shape

A pudgy, middle-aged accountant is hunted by sinister men who clearly have him confused with someone else. Or have they? Published in OG’s Speculative Fiction, Issue 13, in July 2008.

Singing for the Enemy

A disgraced War Bard takes a wrong turn and finds herself in the hands of her enemy. Published in 2007 in The Sword Review.

Here Comes the Bride

Desperate to escape an arranged marriage, Alia flees through a magic mirror. Published in the now-defunct Deep Magic, in 2003.