Planets Project: Earth

Terra Forma They wondered about their youngest, born as he was in the maelstrom of a supernova, amidst the debris of an exploding star. His birth, thought Papa, had given Terra an unfortunate taste for garbage. “If only he would stop playing with byproducts,” he sighed, sending gusts of hydrogen [read more] about Planets Project: Earth

nose to the grindstone

Revisions on Ironhand are currently happening (and about time, too!). I have a deadline (11/26), which helps. I need external motivation! Snippet from the WIP: A cloak drifts over to us as we enter through the doors of Kaal Baran. I call her Cloud, as in she has her head in them. She seems [read more] about nose to the grindstone

Planets Project: Venus

She Walks in Beauty The last time she walked in the gardens, there was a child. It shouldn’t have been there. It should’ve been cleared out of her way, the way everyone else was. She trod empty marble corridors to the outside, blinking in the hot sun. Small stones crunched under her feet--her [read more] about Planets Project: Venus

going forward

So, my sadly-neglected blogging career (ha!) on this site needs a reboot. How I'm going to approach the reboot is the big question. The reality is that my time is limited, and my previous approach was not getting many results. I lacked focus, and often felt that I was all over the place in my [read more] about going forward