website redesign!

Come on over and check out my newly-refurbished website! The fabulous Robin Cornett did a great job giving this old place a much-needed facelift (and added some pretty cool things on the backend, too). Thanks, Robin! [read more] about website redesign!

site redesign

If you haven't been to this site recently, come on over and check out my new design. It's definitely a cleaner and whiter look. I wanted something less somber and with a place for a picture header (because flower pictures have a lot to do with writing, as everyone knows!). I'm still tinkering around [read more] about site redesign

new design

I found a template that I like much better than my old one; hence the new look of my fledgling website. The color scheme is pretty similar to the one of the old design, but I find this look more readable. The font is a little bigger, the text area is not crowded out by the sidebar design, and (yay!) [read more] about new design

Don’t mind the boxes

Welcome to my home on the Web. I'm still in the process of moving in, so don't be offended by the lack of chairs, the bare walls and my empty pantry. Once I have everything unpacked and put away, I'll invite you in for a chat and a cuppa. Till then. *wave* [read more] about Don’t mind the boxes