newsletter, plus friday fun video

1. I recently moved my email subscriber list from Feedburner to MailChimp. Let me know if you have any problems with the way the posts are showing up in your Inbox. And, as always, it’s easy to unsubscribe if you need to–and I promise never to share your email addresses or spam you in any way. You get no more than what you signed up for.

2. If you look at the sidebar on the right, you’ll find that you can now sign up for my newsletter. This is a low-frequency newsletter that goes out only when I have a new release, along with a Smashwords coupon code. I haven’t decided if I should do any newsletter-exclusive content–maybe a free short story once in a (very great) while? What do you think? What do you like in an author newsletter?

Once again, I respect your privacy and will never share your email address with any other person or entity, or spam you.

3. Check out this fan-made parody trailer of a non-existent Magic School Bus movie. Carlos, Dorothy Ann, Arnold and the rest have grown up and moved on from their crazy adventures with Miss Frizzle.

But the Magic School Bus has one last field trip in store for them…

I have the awesome-est people in my life

Like, for example, my sister-in-law, Robin Cornett, photographer and web designer, who makes me look good online.

Exhibit #1: This website. Robin customized the theme, found the header image, made the cute buttons on the right, hunted down with the fonts, and did a lot of plugin stuff on the backend, half of which I know nothing about. She pays attention to the little details, the things that make the site stand out.

Exhibit #2: Book covers. Like this one she put together for Wired (which, by the way, is now FREE on Smashwords. Enjoy!).

If you look closely (click the image to enlarge),  see if you can spot the cool touch she added to the texture of this cover. (Again, it’s all in the details.)

Exhibit 3: Headshots! I am terrible about pictures. I don’t take ’em and I don’t have ’em taken. But I’ve know for a really really REALLY long time that I should have a nice author picture. Robin to the rescue again. Here are the two choices she sent me. Which one do you like?

So, if you need a website redesign or a family photographer in the Chattanooga, Tennessee area, you know who to go to, right? 😉

Thank you, Robin!

website redesign!

Come on over and check out my newly-refurbished website! The fabulous Robin Cornett did a great job giving this old place a much-needed facelift (and added some pretty cool things on the backend, too). Thanks, Robin!

site redesign

If you haven’t been to this site recently, come on over and check out my new design. It’s definitely a cleaner and whiter look. I wanted something less somber and with a place for a picture header (because flower pictures have a lot to do with writing, as everyone knows!). I’m still tinkering around with the content. I need to update my works page, put in the email subscription form again (that’s a job for my tech guy, but he’s been busy with schoolwork, alas), and figure out (yet again) the direction of my blogging. That’s where you all can help me out!

What do you think of the content recently? Too many posts about writing, not enough about writing? Too much stuff about kids, not enough stuff about kids? Do you like the story inspiration exercises and the flash fiction I’ve been putting up? What about the art-related posts and the gratuitous pictures? Really, it boils down to, what would you like to see more of?

To those of you who come by and comment, thanks so much. I appreciate it a lot.