I don't know if any of you have noticed, but I finally changed my header picture. It's a lot brighter around here and the pink and red fit with Valentine's Day a whole lot better. Yes, it doesn't take much to make me happy. [read more] about ps:

Sunday linkfest

The Broaden Your Horizons Edition Three Things Writers Can Learn from Photographers: I love how different creative pursuits shape and inform each other. Creative Experiments: February: daisy yellow posts monthly experiments to jumpstart those of us with creativity block. The experiments that [read more] about Sunday linkfest

Sunday linkfest

I love how writer Megan Payne turns failed short stories into a learning experience. I wish I were that analytical--maybe my short story success rate would be higher. *grin* Debut Analysis for Aspiring Writers: After two and a half years of reviewing debuts, Tia Nevitt shares her thoughts on [read more] about Sunday linkfest

Ship of Destiny: A Review

Wow. What a ride. I finished up Ship of Destiny--the culminating volume of Robin Hobb's mammoth Liveship Traders trilogy--a few days ago. I can understand why Hobb is such a popular writer. In this trilogy, she deftly and masterfully handles a sprawling plot,  an immersive world, multiple [read more] about Ship of Destiny: A Review

december doings

glittery stars

This post was supposed to go up Christmas Eve, but I spent close to an hour struggling with a slow Internet connection and gave up after getting two pictures uploaded. I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! *** Our December, in pictures: Glittery Stars Science Experiments With [read more] about december doings

NaNo, from the Finish Line

Ok, David again with an update. As you can see from the nifty picture on the left over there, I actually made it across the finish line, clocking in at 50,307 words on Saturday, November 28th. Yep, two days early. And Rabia wants me to write up another post with my thoughts, now that I've actually [read more] about NaNo, from the Finish Line

market listings

I find searching for markets for my work to be one of the more stressful parts of wanna-be-pro writing. Note that I said searching, not querying. It's almost like being a matchmaker---trying to find the perfect fit, scrutinizing guidelines, reading archives, doing the mental equivalent of plucking [read more] about market listings

process vs. product


A few weeks (or more) ago, when we were drowning in apples, I thought it would a fun idea for the kids to make apple prints (and perhaps do some other apple-related activities, like these). Of course, right off the bat, Sir I. declared complete disinterest. So I set Miss M. up with apples, paper and [read more] about process vs. product

reading roundup

September reads: The Luxe by Anna Godbersen: The gorgeous dress on the cover is what enticed me back into fiction early last month. I wish I could say the story itself was as riveting. In spite of the intriguing premise, I found myself frustrated with the characters, who mostly just sat around [read more] about reading roundup