friday fiction

Fairy tales aren't the only things I break... The Feline in the Fedora Come gather around, little children. Never mind the fish—they need their daily twenty minutes of fresh air, didn’t you know? No? Yet another thing the grownups didn’t tell you. Well, we’ve had fun this rainy, rainy day. [read more] about friday fiction

Planets Project: Mars

Sisters They doubled the guard on the nursery in the wake of the attack, though they know it is too little, too late. The remnants of the royal clutch lie in the middle of the hatchery. One egg is bright and opalescent, rainbows shifting across its surface. The other is dull and grey, blighted [read more] about Planets Project: Mars

Planets Project: Earth

Terra Forma They wondered about their youngest, born as he was in the maelstrom of a supernova, amidst the debris of an exploding star. His birth, thought Papa, had given Terra an unfortunate taste for garbage. “If only he would stop playing with byproducts,” he sighed, sending gusts of hydrogen [read more] about Planets Project: Earth

Planets Project: Venus

She Walks in Beauty The last time she walked in the gardens, there was a child. It shouldn’t have been there. It should’ve been cleared out of her way, the way everyone else was. She trod empty marble corridors to the outside, blinking in the hot sun. Small stones crunched under her feet--her [read more] about Planets Project: Venus

good things still happen

One of the nice things about writing and publishing is that even if you go on a burnout-induced hiatus, good things can still happen in your career. Stories on retailer sites continue to sell. An editor contacts you and asks if you might possibly have something lying around for a themed [read more] about good things still happen

news, news

S&S 28

Wow. It's been over an entire year since I last blogged. I won't go into the details (they aren't juicy, anyhow) but Life Happened, and blogging (and writing) fell by the wayside. But things haven't been completely dead, hence this post. Entangled did come out, and you can find it on Amazon, [read more] about news, news

Cover Reveal: Entangled

Entangled: Broken Fairy Tales

A foster mother is torn between loyalty to the sea-girl she raised and the people she left so long ago. A runaway daughter receives help from her mother's love reaching across the sea. A woman who lost everything to a curse of thorns is given another chance to love.  Entangled: Broken Fairy [read more] about Cover Reveal: Entangled

So thrilled!

HTTS Anthology Winner

I am honored that my short story, Restoration, won first place in the first-ever How to Think Sideways anthology contest, judged by Holly Lisle. It sounds like there were many fine stories to choose from, and I'm excited to read them all when the anthology comes out July 24th. Here's my [read more] about So thrilled!