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I’m participating in Smashwords’ site-wide July sale. For this month, ALL my books on Smashwords are 50% off with the coupon code SSW50.

This means that Mourning Cloak and Wired, which are regularly priced at $0.99, are free for the month.

Happy reading!

Singing for the Enemy & Other Stories

singing-enemy_WEBA disgraced War Bard takes a wrong turn in the jungle and falls into the hands of her enemy.

A pudgy, middle-aged accountant is chased through a smog-filled city by sinister men.

A mage bonded to a ship is given one last mission and a chance to win her freedom.

My latest release, Singing for the Enemy and Other Stories, is a collection of five fantasy short stories. Most are adventure fantasy, one is lighthearted and humorous, and the last a weird, melancholy flash piece.

Now available at Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords

Happy Anniversary, Shattered!

Three years ago, I dipped a toe into the self-publishing waters with Shattered, a collection of three fractured fairy tales.

Shattered: Broken Fairy Tales

Since that time, Shattered has become what I fondly refer to as “my little book that could”. It’s sold the most copies, was the first to recoup the small monetary cost I put into it, and still finds its way into new markets.

Shattered was followed up by another broken fairy tale, Wired, about a cybernetic Rapunzel in a post-apocalyptic setting.

Wired cover

Over a year ago, I published another fairy tale collection, Entangled. I didn’t plan this, but all three retellings ended up exploring some variation on the theme of mothers and daughters.

I was in the midst of a burnout, so poor Entangled slipped through the cracks and got no marketing push. I think I even failed to announce its release on this blog. It didn’t have its own page on my site until a week or so ago.

It does now, complete with excerpts from all three stories.

Entangled: Broken Fairy Tales

Many, many thanks to Robin Cornett, who designed all three covers and came up with the titles for Shattered and Entangled (including the “broken fairy tales” subtitle).

So, what’s next for the broken fairy tales anthologies? I wanted to write retellings with stronger scifi elements, and happily my muse handed me three more ideas. (She’s used to working in threes when it comes to fairy tales.) I’m especially excited by the one featuring space mercenaries.

I have other projects on my plate, but I’m hoping to squeeze these in around them.

In the meantime, Happy Anniversary, Shattered!

Ironhand is out

Quick post to let you all know that Ironhand is out at the usual places:

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords

As my husband pointed out yesterday, I’ve finally written and published a sequel! It’s a weird quirk for a fantasy writer to have, but barring a few shorts featuring one character, all the rest of my stories have stubbornly stood alone. I had not intended to write a sequel to Mourning Cloakbut Kato and Flutter insisted that their story was not yet done.

If you haven’t read Mourning Cloak yet, and want to, here’s a 50%-off coupon code to use at SmashwordsMM83Z (expires May 13th)

Check out an excerpt from Ironhand below the cut:

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