sunday progress update

Since I finished the typein I have: * poked and prodded at a short story I started writing a few weeks ago. decided to leave it alone * read and backed away from a 8K novelette-wannabe short story in need of massive revisions * found (yay!) and read through all my notes on Kai's book to [read more] about sunday progress update

challenge: complete

The Stories Xenobiologist Broken (an Elinor story) Exposure Beauty & Beast retelling (unnamed, because I suck at names :P) The Wordcounts 4410 6244 1637 3510 Written in collaboration with Angst & Whining, hot chocolate, and the album The Better Life by 3 Doors [read more] about challenge: complete

pet peeves

One of my pet peeves as a reader is the way labor and childbirth are depicted in fiction (anybody willing to guess why I've been thinking about that lately? *grin*). On one hand, you have the spectacular Hollywood labor, beginning with the woman's water breaking dramatically in an upscale store, [read more] about pet peeves