Balticon 2013

David and I attended our first Balticon this past weekend. We were there for two out of the three days, and had a blast. I've attended a writing conference (Pikes Peak) and a writers' workshop before, but this was my first convention. It was a very different experience! The People What I loved [read more] about Balticon 2013

what my dreams tell me

I'm not big into analyzing my dreams--most of them are very random, making me believe that my subconscious is having fun pulling out fistfuls of memories, throwing them up into the air, and giggling at the mess they make when they come down. I tend to pay attention to recurring dreams, though, [read more] about what my dreams tell me

an apple a day

Apple-picking is a quintessential fall thing to do up here in the Northeast. We went to our favorite orchard this past weekend on a day with a sky painted bright blue and sunshine lying heavy and golden on our shoulders. We came home full of cider donuts and with a half-bushel of lovely Macs. I [read more] about an apple a day

o christmas tree

I love it when we get our Christmas tree. Because we don't want to overdose on Christmas *before* December 25th, we wait until the second weekend of the month to get it. I love its spicy green scent. I love the way the ornaments glint and glitter among the branches. I love sitting in the rocking [read more] about o christmas tree


Synopsis: A novel summary that makes it seem that the author wrote the story while on drugs. Who can guess what I'm doing right now (or rather was doing two minutes ago)? [read more] about synopsis