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S&S 28

Wow. It's been over an entire year since I last blogged. I won't go into the details (they aren't juicy, anyhow) but Life Happened, and blogging (and writing) fell by the wayside. But things haven't been completely dead, hence this post. Entangled did come out, and you can find it on Amazon, [read more] about news, news

a month of quartz episodes

Episode Eleven of Quartz (in which Rafe has his first--and only--firedancing performance) went out to Inboxes and RSS feed readers all over the world today. This marks the end of the first month of running the serial (-ish, I'm too lazy to look up the exact date I started). So, how's it [read more] about a month of quartz episodes

quartz episode one…

... went out to Inboxes all over the known universe early this morning! Rafe Grenfeld, diplomat and spy, has problems. His entire embassy's been arrested, he's stuck in a hostile foreign city with police looking for him, and he's been hiding in a smelly cramped dumpster for far too long. And [read more] about quartz episode one…

let’s talk serials

One of my goals for this year is to Try New Things. Not only does it mean writing out of the box, but it also means trying new ways of reaching readers with my stories. Such as web serialization. Now, I'm not a big reader of serialized fiction, which has a lot to do with not liking to read [read more] about let’s talk serials


It's November 1st. And we all know what that means, right? National Novel Writing Month! Yep, it's time for that annual madness when thousands of writers from all across the world attempt to write a 50,000-word novel (or part of a novel) in 30 days. If you listen carefully, you can hear the [read more] about NaNo-lite


I discovered this while I was going through some old files. David got into Prezi, and it looked so lovely and non-linear I had to try my hand at one, too. Here's the one I made for Quartz (sadly enough, my books are the only thing I'm qualified to make presentations about) more than a year ago. This [read more] about prezi!

sunday update

Kai's book (total): 69,616 words Kai's book (new): 1,494 words I'm taking a break from writing Kai's book to work on other things. I wrote a 1600-word short story, tweaked the synopsis of Quartz, and began writing an outline of Kai's book as a road map for getting to THE END. We're taking the [read more] about sunday update

sunday update

We've been passing a cold around our family this past half-week. It's my turn now, blech. However, in spite of it all, I did get words! Kai's novel (total): 63,872 words Kai's novel (new): 4, 158 words I also got 700+ words worth of notes on a story idea (not Secret Project, but another [read more] about sunday update

o christmas tree

I love it when we get our Christmas tree. Because we don't want to overdose on Christmas *before* December 25th, we wait until the second weekend of the month to get it. I love its spicy green scent. I love the way the ornaments glint and glitter among the branches. I love sitting in the rocking [read more] about o christmas tree