a day in the life

What? I need a reason? At the outlet mall yesterday: Me: And after the kitchen store, we can hit the bookstore! D: *eyes suspiciously* Do you NEED anything from the bookstore? Me: Noooooo D: Then why go in? Me: Because it's there, of course! (Silly!) D: Not buying that. Get thee [read more] about a day in the life

about writing

Yes, I know this is a boring title, but it's hard to come up with something witty and pithy for a serious subject. I'd like to point you to Glenda Larke's post on what defines a successful writer, which came on the heels of a long dry season in my writing life. This drought lasted all summer, maybe [read more] about about writing

piano and writing

I haven't talked recently about playing the piano, but let me reassure you that it is still happening. Sir I. and I started taking lessons over a month ago, and we both enjoy them, including the time we share together driving to and from lessons. Our teacher lives way out in the country--about half [read more] about piano and writing

muscle memory

It's been six days since I started teaching myself to play the piano. At first, I was completely flabbergasted by what I was working towards: You mean I have to know what notes all the keys are, which fingers to play them with, read music and keep time, and eventually have both hands doing their own [read more] about muscle memory