No, that is not the title of the next broken fairy tale anthology, though after Shattered, Wired, and Entangled, such a name would not be a surprise. Rather, it's an apt description of my state of mind. I'm trying to wear a bunch of hats all at once. I'm mom, homeschooler, gardener, [read more] about scattered

good things still happen

One of the nice things about writing and publishing is that even if you go on a burnout-induced hiatus, good things can still happen in your career. Stories on retailer sites continue to sell. An editor contacts you and asks if you might possibly have something lying around for a themed [read more] about good things still happen

note to self: about summer

One would think that summer would be a time of awesome productivity for me. After all, it's school vacation! One would be wrong. And I've finally decided to adjust my expectations to take into account that I get very little writing done in the summer. For one thing, summer is not a creative [read more] about note to self: about summer

6 days at disney world

From Wikimedia Commons

In early June, we took a fabulous vacation with the in-laws down in Orlando, where we spent 6 days taking in the sights and sounds and experiencing the thrills and chills of Disney World. It'd be a very long post indeed if I tried to cram in all that we did, so I'm going to focus on just six [read more] about 6 days at disney world

Balticon 2013

David and I attended our first Balticon this past weekend. We were there for two out of the three days, and had a blast. I've attended a writing conference (Pikes Peak) and a writers' workshop before, but this was my first convention. It was a very different experience! The People What I loved [read more] about Balticon 2013

quartz episode one…

... went out to Inboxes all over the known universe early this morning! Rafe Grenfeld, diplomat and spy, has problems. His entire embassy's been arrested, he's stuck in a hostile foreign city with police looking for him, and he's been hiding in a smelly cramped dumpster for far too long. And [read more] about quartz episode one…

you can keep your Mr. Darcy

I prefer the other adaptation of Persuasion, but this Captain Wentworth is handsomer. Yes, I'm shallow that way.

I have nothing against Mr. Darcy, really. Like almost every woman out there, I enjoy the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle Pride and Prejudice  but Mr. Darcy does not set my heart aflutter. I'm sure he and Elizabeth Bennet will deal very well together, but I don't envy her good fortune. Sure, he's rich and [read more] about you can keep your Mr. Darcy

2012: the year in review

Last year was full of changes in both my personal life and my writing career. Here are some of the notable aspects of 2012. From Vermont to Virginia Up until last year, I'd spent pretty much all of my adult life in one area, encompassing parts of both Vermont and New Hampshire. I went to college [read more] about 2012: the year in review