wednesday progress update

Made my deadline! Ironhand revision is 92/92 pages complete.

I still need to do a line/copy edit. But the hard part is over. Whew.

tuesday progress update

Spent a lot of time agonizing over the one scene. It was slow, swimming-in-molasses going.

71/91 pages revised. I’m doubtful, but let’s see if I can finish this off tomorrow.


monday progress update

Got a late start today, and it was very slow going. I’m at the place where I don’t know if my changes are improving the story or making it worse. But I push on.

Ironhand Revision Progress: 67/90. Wanted to make it to 70, but it’s already so late.

weekend progress update

Busy weekend, so no major progress: 62/89 pages revised. Coming up on a couple of plot fixes and at least one scene I need to extend.