Dark Daughter is up!

Two years ago, I made the following entry on this blog: Today, I started a short story. I wrote: My daughter stalks me through amber chambers shaped from the secretions of our ancestors. And promptly stalled out. Funny, that. It seemed like such a cool and well-put-together story while I was [read more] about Dark Daughter is up!

first sale of the year

I got the acceptance right before leaving for vacation, so the announcement is a little belated. My humorous fantasy short, A Plague of Chicken, was accepted by MindFlights. I wrote it a few years, recently read it and still liked it, spruced it up and sent it on its merry way. I'm very pleased [read more] about first sale of the year


Soulsong, featuring the bard Elinor, is now up at Mindflights! Read it here. This is my second published Elinor story (here's a link to the first one, for those interested). Elinor and I go back a long way. In her first incarnation, she was my twin-sword-wielding, monster-bashing bard in the [read more] about Soulsong

Neverlands and Otherwheres

Neverlands and Otherwheres is out! A note about my story Second Sight: This is the most autobiographical of all my stories. The Skeleton Man and Kaloo Baba are bogeys from my childhood (my little bro and cousin might recognize the latter!), and I actually lived next door to the Unpainted House. [read more] about Neverlands and Otherwheres

of knights and dragons

First off, I read today that Terry Pratchett (author of the Discworld series) has been knighted. I've been following Pratchett ever since I read Reaperman when I was 14 (and yes, that was more than a decade ago!). He never fails to amuse, delight and surprise me. He's also one of the wittiest and [read more] about of knights and dragons

buy a book, save the world

Or at least the part of it that publishes books. An editorial assistant explains why October was such a terrible month for publishers. Personally, I've never understood why books are returnable in the first place. Shouldn't bookstores take on more risk? Do grocery stores return unsold cans of [read more] about buy a book, save the world

news, news!

I am typing this one-handed as I hold a cute snuggly sleeping baby. Yes, folks, the new little guy is here and home from the hospital. He's a big little fellow--2 pounds heavier than his sibs at their births--but cute as a, um, very cute button. I am very happy to have him here, but I expect things [read more] about news, news!


Today is LAUNCH DAY of my brand-spankin'-new website. This means that I have now put the URL in my email sig line, informed friends over at LJ and Facebook of this site's existence, and put "World's Greatest Writer Found Here" in my meta tags. Now I just need to get out of the way of the stampeding [read more] about Celebrate