Dark Daughter is up!

Two years ago, I made the following entry on this blog:

Today, I started a short story. I wrote:

My daughter stalks me through amber chambers shaped from the secretions of our ancestors.

And promptly stalled out.

Funny, that. It seemed like such a cool and well-put-together story while I was nursing the baby at 4 am this morning…

Well, happily, I did figure out what happened next and that story–named Dark Daughter–is now up at Flash Me Magazine. Enjoy!

(Yes, I am back from vacation! Had a lovely time in Maine; pictures forthcoming.)

first sale of the year

I got the acceptance right before leaving for vacation, so the announcement is a little belated.

My humorous fantasy short, A Plague of Chicken, was accepted by MindFlights. I wrote it a few years, recently read it and still liked it, spruced it up and sent it on its merry way. I’m very pleased for it to have found a home.


Soulsong, featuring the bard Elinor, is now up at Mindflights! Read it here.

This is my second published Elinor story (here’s a link to the first one, for those interested). Elinor and I go back a long way. In her first incarnation, she was my twin-sword-wielding, monster-bashing bard in the Hellfire expansion of Diablo. Diablo was my very first RPG, which my now-husband introduced me to in college. Alas, Elinor’s electronic existence was subjected to the whims of D’s roommate on whose computer a bunch of us played the game. When F decided to clean up his hard drive, Elinor got deleted in the housekeeping frenzy. Too heartbroken to resurrect her as a game character, I promised that someday she would get her very own story.

At this point, a series of her very own stories. *grin*

I have the first draft of a third Elinor story written, and a fourth nibbling away at the edges of my mind. Also the laughable first chapters of the Elinor novel that I started and abandoned nearly six years ago. I hope those never see the light of day (they’re really that bad and I keep them around to keep me humble), but expect to see Elinor make her appearance in some other shorts!

Neverlands and Otherwheres

Neverlands and Otherwheres is out!

A note about my story Second Sight: This is the most autobiographical of all my stories. The Skeleton Man and Kaloo Baba are bogeys from my childhood (my little bro and cousin might recognize the latter!), and I actually lived next door to the Unpainted House. As for the rest, well, read the story and decide for yourself where the line between fantasy and reality is.

(Yes, I’m being purposefully enigmatic.)