good things still happen

One of the nice things about writing and publishing is that even if you go on a burnout-induced hiatus, good things can still happen in your career. Stories on retailer sites continue to sell. An editor contacts you and asks if you might possibly have something lying around for a themed [read more] about good things still happen

rebuilding habits


This past week I fell off the writing bandwagon, and fell hard. After weeks of steady progress on my WIP, I took a planned vacation off, then got sick, then got caught up in all the details of life, then just didn't plain want to write. Writing was not the only habit to fall by the wayside--so did [read more] about rebuilding habits

happy monday

I make so many mistakes, slack off, or get tired and barely scrape by, that I'm always glad for a second chance. Yesterday, as I was journaling about my fatigued zombie-like state of last week and my lack of a productive weekend, I was struck by how many new beginnings I get. A new day, a new week, [read more] about happy monday

i am writer, hear me roar!

It is HOT in here. Muggy hot. Stuffy hot from drawn shades and closed windows. Outside, it's my-steering-wheel-is-going-to-burn-my-hands and the-pavement's-going-to-melt and the-metal-is-going-to-take-off-my-skin HOT. Yes, folks, we're having a heat wave of temps in the mid-90s up here in [read more] about i am writer, hear me roar!

keeping up the routine

One of the great things about summer is the lack of a schedule. One of the bad things about summer is the lack of a schedule. With no school routine to anchor us; with plenty of one-time playdates and field trips to juggle; with all these one-week trips and camps to prepare for and keep track of, [read more] about keeping up the routine

saturday ponderings

Do you ever feel that you can never fully immerse yourself in one project without fretting about all the others you still need to get to? Does the shadow of all the other things you could (or should) be doing darken your enjoyment of what you are doing? Do you feel guilty for blogging when you could [read more] about saturday ponderings

this procrastinating writer

Blog reader Megs introduced me to the blog Procrastinating Writers, which is full of tips to help overcome that particular demon. It's a smart idea to blog on this topic--there's quite an audience for it--but it makes me a laugh a little, too. And think. Why am I (and presumably hundreds of other [read more] about this procrastinating writer

about writing

Yes, I know this is a boring title, but it's hard to come up with something witty and pithy for a serious subject. I'd like to point you to Glenda Larke's post on what defines a successful writer, which came on the heels of a long dry season in my writing life. This drought lasted all summer, maybe [read more] about about writing