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One Small Step

Are you a NaNoWriMo winner planning to self-publish for the first time? My fabulous and generous cover artist, Ravven, is giving away a FULL publishing package to one deserving writer--complete with editing, proofreading, formatting, cover art, website graphics, and marketing help. (And yes, yours [read more] about friday this and that

saturday, with links

A couple last links from the Mourning Cloak blog tour: A review and a guest post--Making Genre Soup--at Kaidan's Seduction An extract at Feeling Fictional ** Thank you to all the bloggers, reviewers, writers, and readers who helped spread the word about Mourning Cloak's release. You made my [read more] about saturday, with links

saturday notes

Rainbird Winter Sale

At Linda Adams' blog, I'm talking about  The Lone Woman: gender imbalance in the action/adventure genre. * Kris Rusch's post on writing like it's 2009 talks about what it takes to build a writing career today. My takeaway: focus on production and quality, get my stories in front of readers, and be [read more] about saturday notes


My guest post, Balancing Act: On Raising Both a Family and a Writing Career, is up on FableCroft Publishing's blog. Come share your tips on fitting your writing into your family life! Also, I'm working with Kellie of ReaWrite Reviews to get some more publicity for Rainbird. If you're interested [read more] about linky-links

fiction online

City of Glass

I am slowly--in spite of myself--being drawn into online fiction: serials, flash, created myths and legends. Like: City of Glass by Liana Mir A serialized story about space, glass, and nanotech--and four women in a city of shattering glass. * Wing-Feather Fables, a collaboration between [read more] about fiction online

7 things about me


I received a Versatile Blogger Award from several members of my WANA class: Julie Kenner, Cindy Bell, and Liv Rancourt. Thanks, gals! You're sweet! So, according to the rules, I need to post this cute little icon (happily grabs), link to the person(s) who nominated me (done! see above), tell [read more] about 7 things about me

linkfest: human ingenuity

Sun, sand, and... a 3D printer? It's like a glimpse into a Star Trek future. Why yes, it is possible to lift up a house with balloons. A teeny house. With weather balloons. Some people make model airplanes. And others build rockets: 121, 000 feet in 92 seconds. The days of the [read more] about linkfest: human ingenuity

back again

Sorry, guys. I didn't mean to be away from here so long. I'm on an unplanned but much-needed sanity break from writing, and this blog got lumped into that category. Winter's been much too long, spring is slow in coming, and I'm focusing my energies on other things for a bit. It's snowing right [read more] about back again