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Are you a NaNoWriMo winner planning to self-publish for the first time? My fabulous and generous cover artist, Ravven, is giving away a FULL publishing package to one deserving writer–complete with editing, proofreading, formatting, cover art, website graphics, and marketing help.

(And yes, yours truly is one of the volunteer beta readers!)

Go here to find out the details.


The cover for FableCroft Publishing’s One Small Step is here!

One Small Step

This anthology contains the short story “Sand and Seawater”, co-written by Joanne Anderton and me.

Our tagline–brought to you by Jo–is Dolls are creepy, read this story!

(Better tagline coming soon…)

Aussie peeps, you can pre-order a copy here (you lucky things, you!)


Links from around the web:

You Don’t Do Much Else Interesting and 25 Other Reasons Why No One Likes Your Art

More Insights on Sharpening Your Creative Mind

IndieReCon (posts, videos, chat replays)

Out, All of You! On fighting for your own voice

saturday, with links

mourning cloak tour banner

A couple last links from the Mourning Cloak blog tour:

A review and a guest post–Making Genre Soup–at Kaidan’s Seduction

An extract at Feeling Fictional


Thank you to all the bloggers, reviewers, writers, and readers who helped spread the word about Mourning Cloak’s release. You made my launch week the best ever!

And now, we will return to our regularly-scheduled blogging here, with links to pretty covers, discussions about movies and books, updates on my other creative endeavors, and–oh, why not?–some thoughts about the educamation of children.


Tabs open on browser:

The 22 rules of storytelling, according to Pixar

The 100 best movies challenge, at Catherine, Caffeinated

Journey North starts its 2013 Mystery Class! (This is a GREAT geography project for upper elementary/middle school).

And there’s a recipe for halwa, as well, but I won’t link to it since I ended up modifying it (plus it forgets to tell one when to add the sugar, a rather important step! and I had to use vegetable oil instead of clarified butter, which might’ve also affected the taste–it was close to what I’m used to, but not quite)

saturday notes

At Linda Adams’ blog, I’m talking about  The Lone Woman: gender imbalance in the action/adventure genre.


Kris Rusch’s post on writing like it’s 2009 talks about what it takes to build a writing career today. My takeaway: focus on production and quality, get my stories in front of readers, and be in it for the long haul.


My books are now on Kobo!

Rainbird | Shattered | Unseen | Wired


Rainbird is now on sale for $1.99–up till the end of January! And look, I even made a graphic:

Rainbird Winter Sale

Yes, I’m ludicrously excited about making this all by my lonesome. I have a tendency to go all deer-in-the-headlights when confronted by any sort of graphics program ever since a horrendous experience with Photoshop in college. Photoshop Elements is a LOT easier to deal with.


Do you have any sales or new/upcoming releases? Tell us about them in the comments!


My guest post, Balancing Act: On Raising Both a Family and a Writing Career, is up on FableCroft Publishing’s blog. Come share your tips on fitting your writing into your family life!

Also, I’m working with Kellie of ReaWrite Reviews to get some more publicity for Rainbird. If you’re interested in receiving a review copy, please fill out this form.

I’m seeing a lot of recipes from my fellow WANA bloggers in my RSS feed. Like for instance, these salmon, lime and mint patties (gluten-free) and this yummy pecan-topped dessert (not gluten-free and probably not the most health-conscious *grin*).

I’m most of the way to my 1500-word goal for today. How are the rest of you NaNo and NaNo-lite peeps doing?

fiction online

I am slowly–in spite of myself–being drawn into online fiction: serials, flash, created myths and legends.


City of Glass by Liana Mir

A serialized story about space, glass, and nanotech–and four women in a city of shattering glass.


Wing-Feather Fables, a collaboration between photographer Brenda Gottsabend and writer Lisa Ahn.

Brenda provides the visual inspiration, and Lisa the fable to go with it, in 500 words or less.


Writer Unboxed’s 7 Sizzling Sundays of Summer Flash Fiction Contest


Do you read fiction online? What are your favorites?


7 things about me

I received a Versatile Blogger Award from several members of my WANA class: Julie Kenner, Cindy Bell, and Liv Rancourt. Thanks, gals! You’re sweet!

So, according to the rules, I need to post this cute little icon (happily grabs), link to the person(s) who nominated me (done! see above), tell people seven things about myself (see below) and pass on the award to 5/7/14 other people (er…how about three?).

Seven things about me:

1. I’m bilingual. I speak English and Urdu–the language of Pakistan, the country where I grew up. Hands up if you’d heard of the language before reading this post.

2. My husband and I got engaged in Hong Kong. We spent a month there and I loved it. Would love to go back there someday and take the kids.

3. Currently, I have a 2-liter bottle full of soil and grass seeds on the window sill, and steelwool rusting in a small bowl of water on the kitchen counter. These are otherwise known as the “What is a Biosphere?” and “Why is Mars Red?” experiments. Why yes, I am a homeschooling mom! Why do you ask?

4. Apparently, when I was a wee little tot, I had a pet lamb (Rabia had a little lamb, little lamb… no, it doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, does it?). I used to ride it, and it would butt me affectionately in the tummy. It was scared of my mom’s high heels and would run and hide if it heard her coming. It would also eat clothes off the line. But the little lamb grew into a great big sheep and it was given away (or turned into dinner, I suppose).

Or so they say.

I have no recollection of such a pet, and I still wonder, to this day, if it is not a hoax perpetrated upon my gullible younger self.

5. Speaking of perpetrating hoaxes: When I was a preteen, I convinced my 5-years-younger brother that we were all a family of witches who’d been sent to earth to study humans. However, since he was born without magic, we’d have to leave him behind when we returned to Witch Land.

He was most upset.

Oh, I was a horrible sister. I’m better now.

6. I have this weird squicked-out can’t-look-away fascination with giant squids. And titanic battles between sperm whales and giant squids in the black depths of the ocean.

7. I take my tea the British way– black tea with two spoonfuls of sugar and a splash of milk. And biscuits to dunk into the tea are mandatory (I use Ritz crackers, since I can’t find any of the brands I grew up with here in the US, boo).

I pass along this award to:

this week in research

Dragon anatomy.

Cross-section of the spine.

Atmospheric structure and high altitude sickness.

What did you learn this week?

linkfest: human ingenuity

Sun, sand, and… a 3D printer? It’s like a glimpse into a Star Trek future.

Why yes, it is possible to lift up a house with balloons. A teeny house. With weather balloons.

Some people make model airplanes. And others build rockets: 121, 000 feet in 92 seconds.

The days of the eyeglass-and-mustache Mr. Potatohead disguise are numbered: Japanese company comes up with realistic 3D face replicas.

Does it come in German Shepherd? BigDog

back again

Sorry, guys. I didn’t mean to be away from here so long. I’m on an unplanned but much-needed sanity break from writing, and this blog got lumped into that category. Winter’s been much too long, spring is slow in coming, and I’m focusing my energies on other things for a bit.

It’s snowing right now. It’s like a bad bad April Fool’s day joke.

Just so that your stop here isn’t completely wasted today, have some links (please, they need to go from my browser to yours–I have too many tabs open!):

Via Jo Anderton, the tale of a novel that languished in a publisher’s slush pile for… well, read it to find out. And, also via Jo, a feel-good piece: 7 R’s of Positivity for Unpublished Writers

Eona, the sequel to Alice Goodman’s Eon, is coming out this month, with a GORGEOUS cover.

The Query Tracker blog has an, uh, interesting roundup of publishing news today. *grin*

I forget where I picked this up from, but this site has 360 degree panoramic city views. It’s a lot of fun. :)

How’re you all doing?

more short story links

I still have the short story form on my mind. And a couple of links:

How to keep short stories short: A list of tips

Confessions of a slush reader: why should I care?