6 days at disney world

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In early June, we took a fabulous vacation with the in-laws down in Orlando, where we spent 6 days taking in the sights and sounds and experiencing the thrills and chills of Disney World. It'd be a very long post indeed if I tried to cram in all that we did, so I'm going to focus on just six [read more] about 6 days at disney world

5 family read-alouds to try

Over Sea Under Stone

You've been reading chapter books to your kids since your oldest was 2. You've read through all of the Narnia and all of the Little House books--twice. You cheered Harry on through his years at Hogwarts, went on a tour of Mr. Wonka's amazing chocolate factory, and teared up when Charlotte died. [read more] about 5 family read-alouds to try

conversations with Miss M.

Setting: Miss M., the Baron and I are snuggled in bed, reading about a kid who had a bad dream.* Me: *pointing to the illustrations of the robots and monsters in the dream*: They don't look so scary. See, they're smiling. Miss M.: But, Mom! Those are wicked grins!** Doh! Of course, the bad [read more] about conversations with Miss M.

homeschool highlights

On Wednesday, the kids put on a series of short historical plays for David, as an end-of-term project. Much hilarity ensued, but this snippet from Henry VIII and His Six Wives was my favorite bit. Sir I (as Henry VIII): Wife Number 4! Miss M: I'm Anne of Cleves. Sir I: You look like a horse! I [read more] about homeschool highlights

homeschool highlights

Homeschool Humor

We solved the mystery! Sir I. and I have been doing Journey North's Mystery Class in which we used photoperiod data and interdisciplinary clues to find the names and locations of ten mystery sites along the globe. There was a lot more math involved in this class than I'd expected, but it helps that [read more] about homeschool highlights

reform english spelling

One of the most magical parts of homeschooling is being right there next to your child when she discovers reading. And it really is magic, because English--let's face it--is not an orderly language.  It's full of redundancies (what for instance, is the point of x?) and rule exceptions and letters [read more] about reform english spelling