WIP monday: lucky 7 meme

Alina Sayre tagged me for the lucky 7 meme (thanks, Alina!). The rules are:

1. Go to page 77 of your current manuscript/work-in-progress (or page 7 if you don’t have 77).
2. Go to line 7.
3. Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences, or paragraphs, and post them as they’re written.
4. Tag 7 authors, and let them know.

Here’s an excerpt from my current novel WIP, The-Book-Known-As-Kai (it really should have a better title by now, but I think we can all acknowledge that titling my stories is a skill I could work on).

Okay, I’m a little nervous posting this because it is raw first draft. Let’s just say that I tend to be wordy in my first drafts (of anything).

*takes deep breath*

She’d lost control. She’d let the beast back into her head, let it ride along for its acute senses, let it take over. She’d been so proud of how well she’d done in New Warden, how she’d pulled herself up from the bestial savagery that had characterized her life in Ydrael. She’d let herself feel victorious, but tonight had shown how hollow that triumph was.

She’d prospered without the beast in New Warden because she hadn’t needed it. New Warden was a gentler place which valued intellect and personality more than strength and agility.

Here in Ain, the beast was a temptation for the strength it brought her.

Since I’m a writer and thus not known for my strong math skills, I’m tagging the following 4 people:

  1. Liana Mir
  2. Kirsten at Write a Book With Me
  3. Lisa at Writing, Dreams & Drops of Ink
  4. Prue at What’s It All About?

sunday update

Just getting back into the whole writing thing again. I wrote a couple more thousand words on Secret Project, got Kai’s book past 80K and tinkered around some more with queries.

How’s it going on your end?

sunday update

I haven’t done a Sunday update in a while. Last time I checked in here with my stats, Kai’s book stood at 69, 616 words. Now it’s at 76, 482 words. Progress!

How about you?

sunday update

Kai’s book (total): 69,616 words
Kai’s book (new): 1,494 words

I’m taking a break from writing Kai’s book to work on other things. I wrote a 1600-word short story, tweaked the synopsis of Quartz, and began writing an outline of Kai’s book as a road map for getting to THE END. We’re taking the upcoming week off from school (if the public schools are doing it, so will we!) and my writing plan is a healthy mix of submission-type things and for-fun things. More on this later.

Also, some folks over on the HtTS/HTRYN boards have started a Write a Book With Me blog, where you can post your daily wordcounts, and get support and accountability from other writers. They’re holding a contest with a fun prize to inaugurate the new blog, so check it out.

sunday update

Kai’s book (total): 68,122 words
Kai’s book (new): 4,250 words

sunday update

We’ve been passing a cold around our family this past half-week. It’s my turn now, blech.

However, in spite of it all, I did get words!

Kai’s novel (total): 63,872 words
Kai’s novel (new): 4, 158 words

I also got 700+ words worth of notes on a story idea (not Secret Project, but another project—Secret Project 2?) when a character popped into my head and started talking. When Right Brain dictates, I transcribe. Simple as that.

I took yet another stab at writing a synopsis of Quartz. This time I went hunting for some how-to tips, and came upon this post by Diana Peterfreund which led me to these workshops by Kathy Carmichael, and the result is that I’m much happier with my current draft. It still needs a lot of work–which I was going to do tonight–but *sigh* I might just stay in bed and nurse my cold and save my energy for school tomorrow.

How’s your writing coming along?

sunday update

Has it really been two weeks since my last update? Yow. January’s gotten away from me, obviously.

Progress on the writing front has been decent. No spectacular wordcounts, but I’m exceeding my 550-word daily goal (except for on Saturdays) by at least a couple hundred words. The writing is very slow since I’m groping about in the dark, thinking only a scene at a time, working with two new characters and an explosion of information (some of it contradictory :P) about the world’s magic, technology and creatures.

Kai (total): 59, 714 words
Kai (new): 8561 words

How’s your writing coming along?

sunday update

Kai (total): 51, 153
Kai (new words): 6,320

This week I discovered I need to schedule a day off every week, just for my own sanity. I don’t always have to take one, of course, but it’s nice to have it set aside, especially since fatigue has dogged me all week.

I also added in an unexpected POV, which will be fun to work with. I’m almost halfway there, and I’m almost out of planned scenes. Major brainstorming penciled in for this week, along with coming up with a few more honorifics for my languages and some thought given to religious practices. Hard thinking work.

How about you? Any progress on the writing front?

sunday update

Kai (total words): 44,833
Kai (new words): 4,340

I took too many days off this week. Time to get serious! Nose, meet grindstone. You’ll be seeing a lot of each other this year.

sunday update

Kai (total words): 40,493
Kai (new words): 3,557

New Secret Project (total/new words): 7,337

Total words for this week: 10,894

Not bad, especially since my target was 3500 words. We’ll see how my progress changes when we go back to school a week from Monday.

Did you get any writing done?