kids in the wild

In my dark moments (usually when lying awake, unable to sleep, in the middle of the night), I've questioned our decision to keep the kids at home instead of sending them to preschool. Can I, I wondered, really compete with trained teachers, playground equipment, and tons of art supplies, [read more] about kids in the wild

I’m still here

A concerned email last night from a writing buddy alerted me to the fact that, gosh, I haven't been online much. That's because I've been good about keeping my New Year's resolution and spending less time on the Internet. So, I've been doing other stuff. Which is both a good thing and a bad [read more] about I’m still here

the secrets that we keep

I had a revelation last week while I was doing a bit of freewriting on why I write. Amidst the usual reasons of megalomania ("I am GOD of this world! Tremble, all ye minions! Bwahahaha!") and delusions ("The voices in my head told me to write this") of grandeur ("I will be rich and famous!"), I came [read more] about the secrets that we keep

The Year of the Zombie

According to the Rabiaesan Calendar, this is the Year of the Zombie (another note: the Rabiaesan Calendar skips around a lot, but began last year in November). Strangely, I cannot write while pregnant. This is probably because all my creative brain cells migrate down to the uterus to supervise the [read more] about The Year of the Zombie