signs of spring

* crocuses in bloom * lilies, irises and tulips sending up their shoots * strawberry plants put out their leaves and vigorously (re)taking over their bed *  buds on the willow and the lilacs * exchanging winter coats for fleeces and rain jackets * lots of planning for *next* year's [read more] about signs of spring

garden update


Not much is going on the garden right now. I dug up the pea plants and the lettuce since their time was over. I have green beans flowering and producing: and some teeny weeny tomatoes: I'm still dealing with slugs but this late in the game, I may have to declare a truce. I'd like to go all [read more] about garden update

of things domestic

Yes, I know this is a writing blog, but you really are not all that interested in my revision angst or my sullen moping about what an untalented hack I am. Instead I give you: Bread! Since we got back from Florida I've baked bread three times. We haven't had to buy a single [read more] about of things domestic


A week ago, I cleared off last year's leaves and assorted debris from my garden beds and discovered, to my delighted surprise, tulips!: Now, granted, these are not surprise plants. I made a bed and planted the bulbs (with the aid of enthusiastic children) last fall. But they still feel like a [read more] about spring