Mourning Cloak excerpt

Two more weeks until Mourning Cloak comes out! In the meantime, here's an excerpt. Enjoy! Kato Vorsok is a man deserted by his god. A failed hero living in exile, he wants nothing to do with his old life. Until the night he encounters a wounded mourning cloak—a demon that can walk through [read more] about Mourning Cloak excerpt

saturday notes

Rainbird Winter Sale

At Linda Adams' blog, I'm talking about  The Lone Woman: gender imbalance in the action/adventure genre. * Kris Rusch's post on writing like it's 2009 talks about what it takes to build a writing career today. My takeaway: focus on production and quality, get my stories in front of readers, and be [read more] about saturday notes

The Next Big Thing

Many of you have seen the Next Big Thing meme going around, in which we writers hold forth on our latest books (either works-in-progress or newly-released). Thanks to Jo Anderton, who tagged me, you can find out more about (one of) my newest project(s)! 1. What is the working title of your next [read more] about The Next Big Thing

Rainbird is out!

  She’s a halfbreed in hiding. Rainbird never belonged. To one race, she’s chattel. To the other, she’s an abomination that should never have existed. She lives on the sunway. High above the ground, Rainbird is safe, as long as she does her job, keeps her head down, and never ever draws [read more] about Rainbird is out!

7 favorite books of 2012

Goblin Moon

A while ago I was given the Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Ellen Gregory and Tami Clayton--thank you, ladies! I'm supposed to share seven facts about myself but, like Ellen and Tami, I'm going to talk about books instead. Here, in no particular order, are my 7 favorite reads of the year so [read more] about 7 favorite books of 2012

Wired, out now

A cybernetic Rapunzel in a post-apocalyptic world has plans of her own Now available at Amazon US | Amazon UK | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords A few things about Wired: It's a short story, about 4600 words long You can read it for free on this site. Just go to the Works page and look [read more] about Wired, out now