note to self: about summer

One would think that summer would be a time of awesome productivity for me. After all, it's school vacation! One would be wrong. And I've finally decided to adjust my expectations to take into account that I get very little writing done in the summer. For one thing, summer is not a creative [read more] about note to self: about summer

friday this and that

One Small Step

Are you a NaNoWriMo winner planning to self-publish for the first time? My fabulous and generous cover artist, Ravven, is giving away a FULL publishing package to one deserving writer--complete with editing, proofreading, formatting, cover art, website graphics, and marketing help. (And yes, yours [read more] about friday this and that

under a blanket, thinking

1. This last week, I was over at A Digital Magician, blogging about what I learned about writing from video games. 2. On the writing front...*hollow laugh* I've decided to step back from NaNo-lite, because I wasn't getting anything else done. Not blogging. Not revising. Not getting to a dozen [read more] about under a blanket, thinking