going forward

So, my sadly-neglected blogging career (ha!) on this site needs a reboot. How I'm going to approach the reboot is the big question. The reality is that my time is limited, and my previous approach was not getting many results. I lacked focus, and often felt that I was all over the place in my [read more] about going forward

tools for nanowrimo

Hello, NaNo-ers! Just wanted to wish everyone participating in this delightful madness good luck. It's a wild ride, a crazy month, a burn-your-muscles-and-make-you-sweat workout. You're not alone though--there's a whole community of writers ready to support you, encourage you, and drag you along by [read more] about tools for nanowrimo

magic school hazing

Sooo, Jo and I were chatting about a week ago, and somehow the conversation turned to hazing rituals... and magic schools... and what hazing rituals in magic schools would look like... And so being the writers that we are, we dared each other to write magic school hazing scenes. Jo's got hers up [read more] about magic school hazing

summer school

I usually take summer off from serious writing, probably because seventeen years of schooling has ingrained in me the sanctity of summer vacations. This year, though, I hit the actual revising part of HTRYN at the beginning of June. Yes, folks, all of what I've been doing since January(!) has been [read more] about summer school