book cover monday: middle grade covers

It’s been AGES since we last had a book cover post. Time to rectify that with some super-cute and stunning covers of middle grade novels. This is a post I’ve wanted to do for a while!

Let’s get to it!

Tuesdays at the Castle

The cheerful yellows and the spunky, bookish heroine of this cover never fail to make me smile. I really like the blue title font against the golden spiraling staircase, and the use of symmetry, height and light in this illustration.


A much more ominous color, though the illustration style gives away the genre. Love the way the title is incorporated into the tree and the way it pops out from the dark background.

The Time Travelers

I love the movement, the way the children are floating down, and the color contrast between the golds at the top and the blues/greys at the top. There’s a mystery in this cover that pulls me in.

The One & Only Ivan

Aww! Cute baby elephant! Spotlight effect! Bold title treatment, set off by decorative swirls. An eye-catching cover.

The Kneebone Boy

Deliciously creepy cover!


Do you have any favorite middle grade covers to share?


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  1. Love that first one! Hmm… I think my favorite middle grade ones off the top of my head were the original covers for The Giver and Gathering Blue. Oh, and all the Phantom Stallion books.

  2. Yuppers. They even handle the crush at an almost not there level. (Nevertheless, I totally ship Sam/Jake.) I haven’t read the Hawaii books (2nd series), but I loved the original series the whole way through.

  3. Tami Clayton says:

    Great picks, Rabia! I’ve seen most of those, read a few. Middle Grade books seem to have some of the best covers out there today, don’t they?

    • They do! So many covers these days are photomanipulation; it’s nice to see illustrated covers.

  4. These are all totally new to me — what gorgeous covers.

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