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  1. says

    This. This.

    The more I write, the more I find inspiration everywhere. It’s an occupational hazard of being a writer. There’s always a part of me looking at life and thinking, “How can I put this in a book?” or “There’s a story in there somewhere.”

    I love the way writing leads to writing, and I especially love it when that happens for my favorite authors, the ones I’m waiting anxiously to read more from. Because reading also leads to reading and that latest short story gave me more questions and more hunger to know more.

    Congrats also on the lovely reviews! They are well-deserved.

    • Rabia says

      Thanks, Liana!

      What are some of the questions you have? I might be able to work answers into my next Highwind story (once I figure them out for myself, heh).

      • says

        Are all the night creatures made or were they originally created as part of the ecosystem of this earth? How did wither women start? and the rest aren’t articulated enough yet, but they are bubbling under the surface in me.

        • Rabia says

          Ah, the origin stories. Those questions loom large in my mind too. 😉

          My take on it so far—some are natural, others modified humans, still others modified animals, and some not-natural but not based on animal life.

          My muse is going to have to give me a LOT more than this, though!

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