under a blanket, thinking

1. This last week, I was over at A Digital Magician, blogging about what I learned about writing from video games.

2. On the writing front…*hollow laugh*

I’ve decided to step back from NaNo-lite, because I wasn’t getting anything else done. Not blogging. Not revising. Not getting to a dozen little business-y things that need my attention.

I’m still not getting any of those done, except for the revising. Which is fine, because I need Mourning Cloak to be in good shape by the end of this month. I’ll go back to Rafe after that’s done. In the meantime, he can enjoy a little rest because there’s a world of hurt coming his way (she laughs evilly).

Part of my lack of wordage is just… I’m scraping bottom. I’m out of blog ideas. I’m stretched thin among all these different writing projects. Plus, I’ve been thinking about a lot of different things recently and reading a lot and I just need time to process it all, before it comes out in blog posts and stories.

I feel struck dumb. I have nothing to say right now–at least not anything coherent that can be shared with others.

I know. And I’m writer. *spreads hands, shakes head*

3. Speaking of malevolent space dragons, here’s the trailer for Final Fantasy XIV (via Ravven). It’s an MMO so I won’t be playing it (er, watching David play it), but… dragons!


4. And speaking of Ravven, I don’t know if I ever linked to the post she did on the evolution of Rainbird‘s cover. It’s long, but it shows you just how much back and forth there was between us.


  1. I found that allowing myself to focus on the other things in my life while working on the website was a huge help to me. I’ve started posting some stuff and refilled my well with ideas, though I’m still looking on narrowing my focus and ambitions more so I can produce more fiction. :grins: Sometimes it’s good to stop blogging for a bit, rest up, let the mind percolate instead of trying to just throw some extra vegetables in the next-to-empty soup pot.

    I think you did link to the cover post because I enjoyed it when Rainbird first came out. I love digging into how cover art comes together and into book design and typesetting. I love pretty things, and of course, words are hardly an exception.

    I started in a little on The Changeling then realized I needed to write first, read later, so more thoughts on that probably early December! And so excited about Mourning Cloak. :hugs:

    Back to work for me…

    • Ah yes, the near-empty soup pot. Yep, I’m right there. But I do have some guest posts I’d committed to, so I need to scrounge up enough ideas for those. O.o

      Take your time with The Changeling! It’s sat on my hard drive for over eight years–it can wait longer!

  2. I’d missed that post about how Ravven designed the cover of Rainbird. Maybe that was when I discovered your blog, tho; I found out about you thru Tia fairly recently, when you stopped by her blog on a blog-tour. {Smile}


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