unseen at smashwords

My husband’s been busy this weekend. Look: Unseen is up on Smashwords!

The sharp-eyed among you might have noticed that while Unseen is available on Amazon and B&N for $0.99, its price on Smashwords is $1.99.  I did this because 99-cent price is my intro price, as a thank you to all my early buyers, and it goes away in a month’s time. However, Smashwords is really slow about pushing price changes through to its various sales channels (something I’m having issues with regarding Shattered), so instead of listing Unseen at 99 cents, I’m offering a 50%-off coupon instead.

The code is EP45Q and it expires in a month (8/8/12).

Thank you to all who have bought Unseen. I appreciate it greatly!

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