shattered: broken fairy tales

The Official Blog Announcement of my first foray into self-publishing:

Once upon a time, stories ended happily ever after. Or did they? What if the magic mirror couldn’t decide on the fairest of them all? What if Beauty’s kiss didn’t break the curse? What if choosing a bride based on her shoe size was a bad idea?

Shattered: Broken Fairy Tales is a collection of three short stories that take a turn into the dark forest instead of out of it.

Now available online at Amazon US | Amazon UKBarnes & Noble

(I haven’t done a Smashwords edition yet. If you want one, leave me a comment, and I’ll move that item higher on my to-do list. Thanks!)

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  1. says

    Congratulations! 😀
    What a great cover! And what a great idea — the dark side of fairy stories. I must try this :)
    How did you find your first try at self-publishing?

    • Rabia says

      Oh, so far it’s been a lot of fun. :) Formatting was a bit of a pain, but it helps when one has only 12K words to format and not 120K! I had a lot of fun going back and forth with my sister-in-law over the cover–she did all the hard work. I just got to look at pretty pictures and okay concept designs and get really excited.

      Thanks, Prue!

  2. says

    Congratulations, Rabia! It’s an eye-catching cover!!
    I’d love to dive into the broken fairytales, so this is a shout-out for a Smashwords edition whenever you can manage it. Smashwords is the easiest way for me (a non-Kindle-owner outside the US) to get ebooks.

  3. says

    Now this is something I can sink my literary teeth into! Love the cover and the concept of breaking fairy tales. Great job and I’m looking forward to the read. :)
    Great intro too, by the way (choosing a bride based on her shoe size-LOL)

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