5 things to do during school vacation week

Hooray for April vacation week! Here in the Gale household, we aren’t taking school entirely off. Rather, we’re using this time to do some of the more fun activities that often get shunted aside by multiplication drills and phonics lessons. I thought I’d share this list with you. Happy playing!

  • Get building with these Lego and engineering challenges (Sir I. is working on a rope bridge right now)
  • Make some art! We like the projects at Deep Space Sparkle, and I’m in love with these soft pastels tutorials (scroll to the bottom of the post to links to individual lessons) another homeschooling mom put together.
  • Nature study! Take spring scavenger hunt walks, sketch a wildflower, do a leaf rubbing, or just enjoy the great outdoors. The Handbook of Nature Study blog is a great resource.
  • Direct their imaginations: ask them to act out a three-minute play (hint: Aesop fables and fairy tales are good fodder for this) or to make something 3D with a box of popsicle sticks and lots of glue.
  • Read aloud a classic children’s book. The one I’ve picked for this week is E.B.White’s Stuart Little.

Any other suggestions for fun things to do with the kids during school vacation?

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