sunday update

We’ve been passing a cold around our family this past half-week. It’s my turn now, blech.

However, in spite of it all, I did get words!

Kai’s novel (total): 63,872 words
Kai’s novel (new): 4, 158 words

I also got 700+ words worth of notes on a story idea (not Secret Project, but another project—Secret Project 2?) when a character popped into my head and started talking. When Right Brain dictates, I transcribe. Simple as that.

I took yet another stab at writing a synopsis of Quartz. This time I went hunting for some how-to tips, and came upon this post by Diana Peterfreund which led me to these workshops by Kathy Carmichael, and the result is that I’m much happier with my current draft. It still needs a lot of work–which I was going to do tonight–but *sigh* I might just stay in bed and nurse my cold and save my energy for school tomorrow.

How’s your writing coming along?


  1. Sometimes stopping and going to bed is the best thing to do. All your energies available for your immune system to fight off the virus.
    Get better soon, Rabia.

    • Thanks.

      Managed to do a good amount of school with the kids this morning, which was my primary goal. Nothing impedes the march of their education. 😉

  2. Writing is going well. 619 words and counting this morning on yet another short story (getting better at these), “Blossoming Jasmine.” :)

    Congrats on your continuing success with your goal!

  3. And feel better soon!! :praying:

  4. Just checked out your links to synopsis writing – not something I’m too concerned with just yet but the time is coming. Thanks for sharing those – they look interesting and useful.
    Right now, I need to identify what we’re eating tonight….

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