sunday linkfest

In case we needed more help figuring out this whole writing gig, here are 54 tips from writers, for writers. I especially liked the quotes from Kurt Vonnegut.

Seth Godin on making the distinction between “not good” and “not for me”. Something I have to keep in mind when airing my often strong opinions about the books I read.

Too often, I have so much to accomplish, that I cannot properly savor and get into the things I am doing. The now is overshadowed by the distractions of the then. The One Thing Principle (via Handmade Homeschool) is a call to homeschoolers (and this can apply to everybody else, too!) to let ourselves focus on, explore, and relish just one thing a day. If we’re having a blast playing math and strategy games, it’s okay to let phonics slide for the day. If David and I are discussing my (admittedly wacky) worldbuilding, and ideas are bouncing thick and fast between us, it’s okay that I’m still only on lesson 7 of HTRYN. I shouldn’t let the things not done hover like grim specters over me.

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