sunday linkfest

In case we needed more help figuring out this whole writing gig, here are 54 tips from writers, for writers. I especially liked the quotes from Kurt Vonnegut.

Seth Godin on making the distinction between “not good” and “not for me”. Something I have to keep in mind when airing my often strong opinions about the books I read.

Too often, I have so much to accomplish, that I cannot properly savor and get into the things I am doing. The now is overshadowed by the distractions of the then. The One Thing Principle (via Handmade Homeschool) is a call to homeschoolers (and this can apply to everybody else, too!) to let ourselves focus on, explore, and relish just one thing a day. If we’re having a blast playing math and strategy games, it’s okay to let phonics slide for the day. If David and I are discussing my (admittedly wacky) worldbuilding, and ideas are bouncing thick and fast between us, it’s okay that I’m still only on lesson 7 of HTRYN. I shouldn’t let the things not done hover like grim specters over me.


  1. Ah, and the blessings of being on lesson 7! (I have languished on HTRYN once having to face the dreaded 1Bs again, sadly.)

    Love the linkies! Thanks for sharing. :)

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