friday fiction

Fairy tales aren't the only things I break... The Feline in the Fedora Come gather around, little children. Never mind the fish—they need their daily twenty minutes of fresh air, didn’t you know? No? Yet another thing the grownups didn’t tell you. Well, we’ve had fun this rainy, rainy day. [read more] about friday fiction

april reading roundup

The Well-Educated Mind

It's been a long time since I did one of these! It's been hard making time to read in between all my other busy-ness but I did start on a number of books. Early on this month, I decided to put on my reading list classics that, for some reason or other, had passed me by (I'm sure we all have [read more] about april reading roundup


No, that is not the title of the next broken fairy tale anthology, though after Shattered, Wired, and Entangled, such a name would not be a surprise. Rather, it's an apt description of my state of mind. I'm trying to wear a bunch of hats all at once. I'm mom, homeschooler, gardener, [read more] about scattered

Ironhand is out

Quick post to let you all know that Ironhand is out at the usual places: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Kobo | Smashwords As my husband pointed out yesterday, I've finally written and published a sequel! It's a weird quirk for a fantasy writer to have, but barring a few shorts featuring one [read more] about Ironhand is out

Ironhand: Cover & Blurb

Ironhand: Sequel to Mourning Cloak

Ironhand is coming soon! (I have the ebook files all ready to upload, something I will do this weekend.) In the meantime, I'm thrilled to share the awesome cover Ravven did (isn't it gorgeous?): It’s not over yet. Kato Vorsok closed the Gates and sealed in the enemies of all mankind. Now [read more] about Ironhand: Cover & Blurb

Planets Project: Mars

Sisters They doubled the guard on the nursery in the wake of the attack, though they know it is too little, too late. The remnants of the royal clutch lie in the middle of the hatchery. One egg is bright and opalescent, rainbows shifting across its surface. The other is dull and grey, blighted [read more] about Planets Project: Mars